Is Virtual Training Worth It?

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Virtual Training

Personal Training is a one-on-one fitness instruction given by a personal trainer with expertise in designing exercise programs usually done in person at a fitness facility. Virtual training on the other hand is done through a zoom app or facetime with a personal trainer guiding you through the workout. The purpose of personal training is to motivate, educate and coach the client in getting results and achieving their fitness goals. Each training session is designed specifically based on the client’s goals and limitations that is safe and effective.

Due to the covid pandemic, virtual training has become a popular alternative to in-person personal training, especially during the lockdown. But is it really worth it?

One of the biggest limitations of virtual training is the lack of fitness equipment options. Sooner or later, you get bored with limited equipment and workout routine, becoming less motivated. Fitness facilities provide a wide variety of exercise equipment like free weights, resistance training machines, cardio machines, and core stability equipment giving you options for challenging exercise routines. And as your fitness level progresses, you need a variety of fitness equipment for muscle confusion, growth, and challenge.

Another downside to virtual training is the lack of live interaction. “Small talks” helps motivate and inspire clients. When doing facetime, it will be challenging for the personal trainer to correct your posture and form during an exercise that could lead to injury. Unless you just want to be physically active, virtual training can probably work.

Virtual training can be a good option for people with limited fitness goals while in-person training in a fitness facility offers more than just a variety of fitness equipment. Personal training is done in fitness facilities also provides an inviting environment, support, discipline, and social interaction making you more determined to stick to your fitness goals.

Jon Ponce

Personal Trainer/Owner, Bench Gym Personal Training

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